The Corporate Functions teams play a crucial role in the success of Pathlight School and its parent organisation, the Autism Resource Centre (Singapore). They ensure that the administrative and support services are effective and efficient, allowing the organisation to focus on its primary mission of providing services and support to individuals on the autism spectrum.

The Corporate Functions teams comprise:

  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Operations and Estate Management
  • Residential Living
  • Student and Corporate Affairs
  • Transition Planning

Finance team ensures that the organisation's financial resources are used efficiently and effectively, making sure that the organisation is in line with regulations and is in good financial health.

Human Resources team manages the heart of the organization (i.e., its people), from recruitment and training to employee engagement and relations. The team ensures a skilled and dedicated workforce committed to a common mission.

Operations and Estate Management team is the heart of the school’s operations, providing a well-maintained, operationally ready, safe and conducive environment for all students and staff.

Residential Living team serves to provide a continuum of sustainable and integrated residential living options for adults on the autism spectrum. This will help alleviate the concerns of ageing parents and caregivers regarding the long-term needs of their adult children on the autism spectrum after their demise.

Student and Corporate Affairs team oversees all admissions and student well-being matters, and champions strategic engagement of parents and other key stakeholders to promote fruitful collaborations.

Transition Planning team creates opportunities for students and their families to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for a smoother transition to post-school living, learning, and working outcomes.