Pathlight Secondary School offers a General Education academic curriculum together with life readiness skills for students on the autism spectrum and related conditions. 

Our Secondary School educators focus on the holistic development of our students and preparing them for a smooth transition to post-secondary school pathways. The school is aligned with MOE to offer full subject-based banding from 2024.

Our Secondary School students attend lessons at one of our 3 General Education school partners:

  • Mayflower Secondary School
  • Peirce Secondary School
  • Yio Chu Kang Secondary School.

This ‘Best of both Worlds’ education model promotes interaction on 4 levels:

  • Physical - Opportunities to share facilities
  • Social - Opportunities to interact and have fun together
  • Academic - Opportunities to learn together
  • Professional - Opportunities for staff to learn and exchange ideas

This partnership provides purposeful integration and allows Pathlight Secondary School students to apply classroom learning of social skills to the real world. At the same time, it also contributes to building awareness among mainstream communities of people on the autism spectrum, and towards a more inclusive society.